Major advisor

  • Christopher Hayes. Current PhD student
  • Antoni Brzoska. Co-advised with Alexander Teplyaev. PhD 2017. Now at Neurogazer

Minor advisor (PhD Committee)

  • Gamal Mograby PhD 2020 (expected).
  • Amy Peterson PhD 2019.
  • Kyle Evans. PhD 2017.
  • Ulysses Andrews. PhD 2016.
  • Daniel Kelleher. PhD 2014.
  • John Haga. PhD 2012.
  • David Ferrone. PhD 2012.

Masters advising

  • Sweta Pandey. M.S. 2020 (expected)
  • Richard Martin. M.S. 2015.
  • Shane Gibson. M.S. 2012.
  • Michael Ignatowich. M.S. 2011.


I have supervised a large number of undergraduate research projects as part of the UConn Math NSF REU Site.  Most recent participants are still undergraduates, but many past participants have gone on to further study in mathematics or related areas.

REU 2019

  • Claire Canner
  • Brett Hungar
  • Shinyu Huang.
  • Elizabeth Melville
  • Nikhil Nagabandi
  • Michael Orwin
  • Madison Phelps
  • Jonathan Wheeler

REU 2018

  • Caitlin Davis. Will be math PhD student, University of Wisconsin, Fall 2020.
  • Malcolm Gabbard. Now math PhD student, Kansas State University.
  • Laura LeGare. Now math PhD student, Notre Dame University
  • Carlos Lima. Now M.S. student, Ohio State.
  • Anchala Krishnan. Now PhD student, University of Connecticut
  • Cory McCartan. Now statistics PhD student, Harvard University
  • Benjamin York. Now PhD student, University of Connecticut

REU 2017

  • Luke C. Brown. Now math PhD student, Drexel University.
  • Giovanni Ferrer. B.S. math, University of Puerto Rico 2019.
  • Courtney George. Now math PhD student, University of Kentucky.
  • Samantha Jarvis. Now math PhD student, CUNY.
  • Karuna Sangam. Now math PhD student, Rutgers University.

REU 2015

  • Loren Anderson. Now math PhD student, University of Minnesota.
  • Edith Aromando. Now Operations Research Analysis, US DoD.
  • Aubrey Coffey. Now M.S. student, T.U. Munich.
  • Hannah Davis. Now computer science PhD student, UCSD.
  • Michael Dworken. Now software engineer, USCIS.
  • Lee Fisher. Now math PhD student, UC Irvine.
  • Madeline Hansalik. M.S. Math Texas A&M 2017.
  • Stephen Loew. Now software engineer, Collins Aerospace.

REU 2013

  • Sara Chari. Ph.D. Dartmouth College 2019. Now visiting assistant professor at Bates College.
  • Joshua Frisch. Now math PhD student, Caltech.
  • Jessica Hyde. BS MIT.
  • Jesse Moeller. Now math PhD student, University of Nebraska.
  • Luis Seda. Now data analyst at Banco Popular, Puerto Rico.

Earlier undergraduate mentoring.

  • Tyler Reese. Honors advisee at UConn. B.S., University Scholar, 2013. NSF Graduate Fellowship. PhD 2018 WPI.
  • Matthew Begue. Honors advisee at UConn. B.S. 2011. PhD U. Maryland 2016. Now at Systems and Technology Research.
  • Jessica DeGrado. Cornell REU mentee 2006. PhD University of Chicago Divinity School 2018. Now at Brandeis University.
  • Michael Barany. Cornell REU mentee 2006. PhD Princeton 2016. Now at the University of Edinburgh